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“As always, very helpful and friendly staff ”

Karl M.

“Sparkle needed two booster vaccines and received stellar care. She is a nervous golden and Dr. Van Kirk and staff took their time and calmed her, including massage, before they initiated the vaccines. Sparkle has always had great care at Calvert.”

Jake A.

“Great experience bringing our two newly adopted kittens, T-Bone and Oz, into Calvert for exams and tests. We felt totally at ease with the Vet and staff. They were wonderful! Jan S ”

Jan S.

“They love animals, you can tell. It is clean, friendly and happy environment. The care for my pet who was treated for a wound caused in a car fight was excellent and reasonably priced. They were thorough and helpful. Great place for pet care. Linda H.  ”

Linda H.

“You always have time to schedule us in. The place is always nice and clean. Always answer all my questions. Makes my Hobo feel secure and special. I was very pleased also with my tech, sorry forgot the name but she did a great job on clipping the nails. The Doctor was nice and I felt did check him out well. My other Dog Angel who passed onto Noah's Ark in the sky had issues and the last two years of her life were better because of the care taken into figuring out her meds etc. Everyone has been very nice. Thanks!!!!”

Deborah F.

“I cannot emphasize enough what a great veterinarian Dr. Calvert is. We had become somewhat disenchanted with the vet we had been going to for several years. She is close, and for minor things we still see her, but we were looking for better. We were referred to Dr. Calvert by Paula Cingota, an ethical breeder of champion Rottweilers. Dr. Calvert is the vet she takes all her dogs to. We are so glad that Paula did refer her to us. She inspires so much more confidence in us as to...well, everything. I have read that some find her to be less than cordial. Neither I, nor my husband, have ever found her to be ”

Lilian L.

“Dr. Calbert, Dr. Van Kirk, and Dr. Gilmer are all AWESOME wonderful angels! Our chihuahua had a rare disorder that no other Doctor was able to figure out or treat. We were recommended to go to Dr. Calbert by a friend. We were skeptical after seeing three other local vets. Dr. Calbert found out what was specifically wrong with our dog and gave us materials to research so we fully understood where things stood. Our dog was not well and was not expected to make it at that point. She was being hand fed and could not walk. I was beside myself. But, Dr. Calbert would not give up on my little girl. Between Dr. Van”

Lisa C.

“Dr. Nicole Fenner went above and beyond to make sure Sam was on track with not only his vaccines but also his diet. She came the rescue when he had an allergic reaction to one of the suspected vaccines. She called the next day to see how he was feeling. That in itself shows that she is a great Veterinarian and is passionate about animals and their well being. I can't thank her enough for everything she did for him. Sam loves the Royal Canine food Dr. Fenner prescribed. I see amazing results after only two days. He is not itching and scratching like he was before and is eager to eat at mealtime now. Calvert has”

Theresa B.

“Calvert is always considerate and compassionate. ”

Janet J.

“Whenever my dog visits CVC she is never traumatized like before at other veterinarians. She loves all the Dr's that have treated her. What sold me on coming to CVC is the fact that she kissed the vet on the first visit. That has never happened before.”

Patricia D.

“My husband and I had an appointment for a new client meet and greet visit of a recommended veterinarian and to explore the facility and their services. We will be new fur-baby owners in the fall and had many reservations about, well, everything. All nerves calmed and questions answered by the outstanding staff! The office is splendid- really we are so happy to have a full service veterinarian clinic equipped with the staff, technology and services we could need. Much thanks to the staff for the detailed consult and tour of your building. We are excited to be in good hands once our "paws" arrive!”

John V.

“Wow, did l ever feel l was in the best possible place for my sick 14yr old cat. l'm new to the area and Dr. Calvert was recommended to us when my cat became sick. She was interested, and took the time to hear my cat's history. She was careing and sensitive to my cat, making her feel very comfortable. She treated her and me with kindness. She explained to me, in terminology l could understand, the cat's condition, and my part in helping her get well. My cat is doing much better, and l know where l'll be taking the other two cats when they need veterinary attention. ”

Jane J.
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