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Yellow Ribbon Project

Author: Dr. Christine Calvert, DVM

Yellow Ribbon Project

You may have seen signs for The Yellow Dog Project around Downs Park or other areas frequented by dogs.  The Yellow Dog Project is a movement for owners to help dogs get the space they need. Dogs participating in the movement wear yellow ribbons somewhere on their body or leash to identify themselves and animals that needs some space.

Many Yellow dogs are not aggressive, and just need a little extra time or space. They may need room because of fear, pain from a recent surgery, are training for service work, or may be a rescue dog that is not yet fully trained.

The Yellow Dog project strives to educate people on appropriate ways to make contact or approach a dog WITH the permission of the dog owner, whether the dog is a “yellow dog” or not.

Ultimately, The Yellow dog project wants owners to seek out local positive reinforcement trainers and other programs to help their pets in the socialization process.

If you would like more information on The Yellow Dog Project, visit them here.


Illustration courtesy of Doggie Drawings

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