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Advanced Imaging

At Calvert Veterinary Center we offer a variety of advanced imaging techniques to help diagnose your pets condition.

X-ray and Ultrasound


Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray capabilities give us a clear picture of what is happening inside of your pet in a pain free and non invasive way.   It allows us to view the size and shape of most internal organs and may even show us if your pet has eaten something it shouldn't!  This technology provides high resolution images that can be easily shared with specialists around the world, or simply emailed to you to share with family and friends.


Digital diagnostic ultrasound

Digital diagnostic ultrasound allows us to see the internal architecture of your pet's internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, and spleen. It also allows us to look at smaller structures in your pets abdomen including adrenal glands and lymph nodes.   Of course we can also diagnose a pregnancy in a pet as early as 21 days of gestation with this specialized tool. Ask us if your pet can benefit from ultrasound imaging.

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays allow us to see the tooth roots under the gum line to determine if there are any diseased teeth and the best treatment options.  The digital format allows us to easily share these with dental specialist when needed and provides exceptional diagnostic clarity.

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