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Welcome to Calvert Veterinary Center

Our veterinarians Dr. Christine Calvert, Dr. Sarah Bruhl, Dr. Karen Van Kirk, Dr. Lacy Gilmer and Dr. Nicole Fenner are proud to offer state-of-the art services. Our provided services include laser surgery, digital X-rays, ultrasounds, in-house laboratory testing, advanced dentistry with digital dental X-rays, and laser therapy treatment. We treat a variety of pets including cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, guinea pigs, as well as reptiles and birds.

Located at 4100 Mountain Road in the heart of Pasadena, our veterinarian office is easy to find. Your pet's health and well-being is top priority to us, and we will take every step to give the best possible care to him or her.



“Calvert is always considerate and compassionate. ”

Janet J. ( 04/20/2015 )

“Sparkle has always had great care at Calvert.”

Jake A. ( 04/20/2015 )

“I cannot emphasize enough what a great veterinarian Dr. Calvert is. ”

Lilian L. ( 04/20/2015 )

“Dr. Nicole Fenner went above and beyond to make sure Sam was on track with ”

Theresa B. ( 06/22/2015 )

“As always, very helpful and friendly staff ”

Karl M. ( 04/20/2015 )

“Calvert always exceeds my expectations. ”

Jimmy P. ( 04/20/2015 )

“Very professional. Completely satisfied.”

Jim M. ( 04/20/2015 )

“We love Calvert Veterinary Center. ”

Lori D. ( 04/20/2015 )

“The wonderful care for our cat begins when we enter.”

Karl K. ( 04/20/2015 )

“The staff and doctors were friendly, professional and efficient.”

Anonymous . ( 04/20/2015 )

“The vets and technicians truly love and care for my pets”

Debbie S. ( 04/20/2015 )

“All nerves calmed and questions answered by the outstanding staff!”

John V. ( 04/20/2015 )

“Really liked the Vet. And so did my dog.”

Michelle M. ( 04/20/2015 )

“State of the art equipment. ”

Robin F. ( 04/20/2015 )

“The medication since the office visit has worked fantastic”

Cathleen O. ( 04/20/2015 )

“Everyone is so friendly and so helpful with any questions I have.”

Joan W. ( 04/20/2015 )

“She kissed the vet on the first visit. That has never happened before.”

Patricia D. ( 04/20/2015 )

“The entire staff continue to exceed my expectations”

Sarah H. ( 04/20/2015 )

“You always have time to schedule us in. ”

Deborah F. ( 04/20/2015 )

“She explained to me, in terminology i could understand. ”

Jane J. ( 04/20/2015 )

“she is honest and full of integrity ”

Jim M. ( 04/20/2015 )

“She gave us materials to research so we fully understood where things ”

Lisa C. ( 04/20/2015 )

“She explains the purpose of everything that she is doing ”

Karl L. ( 04/20/2015 )

“Love it here! Everyone is so kind and loving towards my dog! What a great ”

Ashely M. ( 06/22/2015 )

“Great experience bringing our two newly adopted kittens, T-Bone and Oz, ”

Jan S. ( 06/22/2015 )

“Being new to the area, I was a bit nervous about leaving our vet of 15 ”

Nicole M. ( 06/22/2015 )

“I can't say enough about the kind, caring, and professional staff at ”

Vicky M. ( 06/22/2015 )

“Excellent service with a Top Drawer staff, you could not ask for or receive”

Joseph B. ( 06/22/2015 )

“My dog was suddenly very sick, on a Saturday morning when our own vet was ”

Wendy S. ( 06/22/2015 )

“They love animals, you can tell. It is clean, friendly and happy ”

Linda H. ( 06/22/2015 )

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